At the Bootcamp in the Dixon Springs Correctional Center, WestCare Illinois (WCIL) operates a Substance Use Disorder Treatment program that serves both men and women, but in separate sections. This program operates under the behavioral modification philosophy. It is a pre-sentencing program through which successful clients have their sentencing reduced to time served. The overall program length is 120 days during which WCIL acts as adjunct by providing cognitive behavioral therapy and specialty groups.

The treatment bed capacity is 284, allowing 234 beds for males and 50 for females. The Bootcamp has a formalized daily schedule, which includes work assignments (on and off-site), physical training and additional programming tailored to the needs of each participant. Typical services include substance use disorder education, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), anger management, parenting groups, monthly individual counseling and reentry planning. With the addition of women, WCIL supplements the curriculum with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) “Using Matrix with Women Clients“.

2017 Statistics

  • During the 3rd fiscal quarter, WCIL offered 1,877 education & specialty group-centered treatment hours
  • Appointment kept through referrals
    • Male nearly 80%
    • Female 100%
  • Successful discharges, compared to disciplinary discharges
    • Male 90%
    • Female 50%
  • Primary Substance of Misuse – Male
    • 48% Marijuana
    • 17% Alcohol
    • 14% Heroin/Opioids
    • 6% Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • 5% Methamphetamine
    • 5% Other (Sedatives, Xanax)
    • 3% Hallucinogens
    • 2% Amphetamines
  • Primary Substance of Misuse – Female
    • 36% Heroin/Opioids
    • 23% Marijuana
    • 17% Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • 14% Methamphetamine
    • 10% Alcohol