The Du Quoin Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) is a boot camp that provides discipline and structure for men. The IIP consists of a structured daily schedule, which includes work assignments (on and off site), physical training, and additional programming based on the needs of each person who participates. Additional services include substance use disorder education, cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, parenting groups, monthly individual counseling, and reentry planning.

2017 Statistics

  • During the 3rd¬†fiscal quarter, WCIL offered 1,692 education & specialty group-centered treatment hours
  • 93% successful discharges, 40/43 controlled discharges
  • Primary Substance of Misuse
    • 39% Marijuana
    • 31% Alcohol
    • 11% Heroin/Opioids
    • 8% Methamphetamine
    • 5% Other (Sedatives, Xanax)
    • 4% Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • 1% Hallucinogens
    • 1% Amphetamines