WestCare Illinois (WCIL) provides responsive Substance Use Disorder treatment programs to corrections centers and communities at multiple locations in Illinois.  WestCare is a unique provider with an established track record in delivering outpatient treatment services. We are experienced not only in the implementation of evidence-based programs, but also we are a leading advocate for the implementation of research-driven programs based on cutting-edge practices.

WCIL offers a variety of Community-Based and Corrections-Based programs and, we partner with a broad spectrum of professionals within the arena of behavioral and mental health for optimal client outcomes.

Our Community-Based programs include mentoring programs and the Substance Use Disorder Services program for adults and adolescents located at our facility in the Chicago Pilsen neighborhood.

We operate Corrections-Based programs in six facilities, in Illinois. WCIL provides programs, such as: The Modified Therapeutic Community model for in-prison Substance Use Disorder Services, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment, and Women of Dignity.

WestCare Staff side-by-side