WestCare Illinois (WCIL) provides mentoring services for youth in 8th-12th grades at Olive-Harvey Middle College School who are: academically off-track, have low school attendance, one to three in-school disciplinary infractions, limited police involvement, and heightened exposure to violence.

WCIL recruits youth at Olive-Harvey, as well as receiving referrals from school personnel. Mentoring services occur on the school campus during, and after hours, throughout the school year. WCIL staff provides group and individual mentoring services that utilize the evidence-based model, The Seven Challenges, addressing drug and alcohol problems as well as violations of school policies.

Mentees are provided with mindfulness activities and opportunities to participate in gatherings like sporting events, bike riding, yoga, and weekend art endeavors that support the mentor/mentoree therapeutic relationship as well as promote the youth’s socio-economic needs.

Additionally, mentees are provided with incentives (in the form of gift cards) on an as-needed basis for educational or employment opportunities (e.g: payment for work uniform, state identification card, CTA card,etc.)

Art supplies